The Deer Park


The deer park was established in 2004 with 2,000 metres of deer fencing, two stags (Napoleon and Solo) and twelve young hinds. We now have a very healthy and thriving herd of 80 plus Sika deer which roams the meadows and woodland running down to the lake.

Sika deer were brought to England from the Far East in the 1860’s to populate parks in country estates so are well-suited to their current environment. They are similar in size to fallow deer but darker in colour. Their Summer coats are dappled with white spots and they have a distinctive white rump all year round.

The deer graze the land throughout the year but their diet is supplemented in the winter with estate-grown hay and silage and root vegetables from the walled garden.

We use no pesticides or chemicals and the deer enjoy a totally natural diet and a stress-free life grazing happily in 45 acres of the estate.

In the Summer from mid-May through to the end of August, the next generation appears. The mothers leave the newborn deer in the long grass, returning only to feed them, so as not to attract predators. After two or three weeks, the youngsters join the herd and can be seen springing through the fields alongside their mothers.

To prevent excessive fighting during the rut and to ensure the herd is kept healthy and stress-free, a number of young males are culled each year providing estate-reared venison for the restaurant.

Sika venison is fine-textured with a delicate flavour and is widely-regarded as the finest venison you will ever eat. What’s more it’s incredibly healthy with more protein than any other red meat and less than a third of the fat of chicken.